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The first service of Mercygate Gospel Church took place on Sunday 21st day of December 2014 and we thank God for His mercies. Truly, several attempts were made by the kingdom of darkness through the agents of hell to make sure that this ministry did not come to be but we thank God because we are highly favored to pass through a path that the Alpha leads.
To know more about the Church, please download the Church’s doctrine here.
A copy of the Church Constitution can also be downloaded here.

Some important frequently asked questions
Q – What is the duration of your Sunday Worship Service?
A – Our Sunday Worship Service starts at 9.00am with a 30-minute Study Class called “At Jesus’ Feet” and ends at 11:30am
Q – What is Mercygate Ministry?
A – Mercygate Minstry is an arm of the Church that fulfill the following:
*Widow Care: Provision of assistance (financial or otherwise) to widows
*Orphan Care: Provision of assistance to Orphans which may come in form of financial assistance for quality education or to acquire skilled knowledge that will make them financial independent.
*The Vulnerable Care: Provision of assistance to those who cannot stand up for themselves, most especially those who have been sexually molested.
Q – What are the other ministries of your Church?
A – Other ministries associated with the Church is Ohun Aanu. It is a weekly podcast presented in rich Yoruba language by the Senior Pastor of the Church, Sam Adeosun.
*Check out Ohun Aanu website.
*Check Ohun Aanu Classic on Youtube
*Download Ohun Aanu application on Play Store or Apple Store
Q – What are the requirements of establishing a Branch of Mercygate Gospel Church in my locality.
A – The full details can be downloaded here.

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